Medical Devices Technologies


  10731 Breakthroughs in Endotracheal Tube Design and Verification of Tracheal Placement
  12080 Devices for Improved Computer-Assisted Laser Surgery
  12627 Method to create Self-Sterilizing Devices using Plasma Energy
  12383 Versatile Polymeric Composition for Improved Natural Vascular Repair
  12594 Visibility-Enhanced Ultrasound Anesthesia Needle
  12606 Natural Marine Compound for Treating Various Cancers
  13172 Longer Lasting Heart Valve without Need for Anticoagulant Therapy
  13443 Clamp for Improved Chest Drainage In Cardiothoracic Surgery
  13398 Orthopedic Implants that are Safely Absorbed after the Body has Healed
  13216 Inexpensive, Light-Activated Drug-Delivery System
  13272 Biocompatible Polymer Needle Coating for Improved Patient Safety
  14531 Helix Antenna that Powers and Communicates with Implanted Medical Devices


  13382 Device for Detecting Contaminants in CO2 Dispensers Before and During CO2 Angiography
  13402 Inexpensive, Patient-Friendly Device for Accurately Measuring Swallowing Irregularities
  13472 A Device that Simplifies Digital X-Ray System Calibration
  13506 Gastrostomy Feeding Tube That Prevents Leakage and Improves Patient Safety
  13512 Improved, Cost-Effective Foley Tubing to Prevent Urine Backwash and Infections
  13787 Ultrasound Probe and Needle Support Combined in One Medical Device
  13812 Multifunctional Smart Denture that Remotely Monitors Health
  14067 More Accurate, Portable Tonometer for Diagnosing Glaucoma
  14126 Integrated Rectal Displacement Balloon that Protects Healthy Tissue During Brachytherapy Radiation Treatments for Cervical Cancer
  14308 Ventilator Sensors that Identify Blocked Tubes to Reduce Misuse of Bronchodilator Drugs
  14329 Smart Mouth Guard for Identifying and Managing Bruxism, Grinding of Teeth
  14540 Airway Oscillation Device for Preventing Mucus Obstructions in Cystic Fibrosis Patients' Respiratory Tracts
  13172 Longer Lasting Heart Valve without Need for Anticoagulant Therapy
  10234 Noninvasive Referencing Mask for Radiation Therapy & Diagnostic Imaging
  10300 Novel System for Controlling the Guidance of Biopsy Needles
  12611 Non-invasive, External System for Monitoring Ventricular Assist Devices
  12687 Mixed Virtual and Physical Reality Simulation for Advanced Training
  12813 Advanced Robotic Imaging System for Image-Guided Surgery
  12808 Adjustable Device for Middle Ear Prosthesis Applications
  12902 Electromotive Drug Delivery System
  13041 Wearable Force-Sensing Orthotic Device Enabling Disabled Persons to Control Electronics
  13089 Novel Suction Endoscope for Traversing the Small Intestine
  13126 Novel Mechanical Arm to Assist with Neonatal Umbilical Vessel Catheter Placement
  12080 Devices for Improved Computer-Assisted Laser Surgery
  12263 3-Dimensional Training Tool for Laparoscopic Surgical Devices
  12303 Device For Remotely Tuning and Matching MRI/NMR Coils
  11220 A Real-Time Automated and Quantitative Brain Electrical Activity Monitoring System
  11926 Neuroprosthetic device and system for treating and preventing epileptic seizures
  11930 Closed-Loop Neuroprosthetic Microstimulation Device for Treating Epileptic Seizures


  11800 Method for Rapidly Fabricating Custom, Patient-Specific Devices Used for Planning & Performing Medical Procedures
  11882 Novel Algorithm Design to Reduce Radiation Therapy Time and Dosage
  12665 Novel Adhesive Glove Device for Active Compression Decompression-CPR
  12838 Unique Nanorod Design for Preventing Mammalian Cell Adhesion to Implanted Devices
  13230 Metal Devices for the Reduction of Magnetic Resonance Image and Spectral Distortions
  13240 Improved 3-D Delineation Algorithm for use with Multiple Medical Imaging Applications
  13392 Mixed Simulation for Medical Training
  13418 Diagnostic Tool for Objectively Identifying Early-Stage Parkinson's Disease and Dementia
  13849 Antenna that Minimizes Camera Pills' Blind Spots During Wireless Capsule Endoscopies
  14750 Medical Imaging Device that Locates and Sizes Blood Vessels and Airway Passages